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The Unclaimed money

Each year, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are “lost” by the rightful owners across the world. With our dedicated teams of professional researchers we have recovered millions of dollars garnished by government departments and hidden by large organisations from unsuspecting owners. We have a proud history of reuniting people with their unrecovered. As such, we are committed to ensuring that these funds are returned to the rightful owners.

Uncredited Bankers' Cheques

Uncredited bankers' cheques become stale approximately 6 months from the date of issue.

Employee Provident Funds (EPF)

If a member reaches pension age and cannot be locate or contacted, the funds are declared unclaimed and the moneys sent to the Registrars of Unclaimed Moneys.

Dormant Bank Accounts

A current or savings account is declared dormant if it has not been accessed for 7 years or more and will be closed by the bank

Shares and Dividends

When company dividends that are paid out could not reach the rightful recipient the amount will be sent to the Registrars of Unclaimed Moneys

Insurance Policies

This can include proceed from uncollected insurance claims, premium over-payments or refunds, and matured life insurance policies


Refundable deposits are paid for a variety of reasons - utility deposits, local council deposits, tender deposits, student deposits, rental deposits, telco deposits and so on

We are ably assisted and advised by our panel solicitors on the relevant administrative and legal matters who would offer explanation and advice upon request.

We look forward to contact you or meet up with you at your convenience. Kindly contact our Recovery Consultants, they can provide more information and details to you.

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